About Us

We build interactive brick and mortar like storefronts that are easily accessible online….We’re taking shopping to a simulated level.


Knowing that people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are usually the ones that do, encourages me to embrace my version of crazy. You can say I have been crazy for a good 15 years now and I’m loving every minute of smashing these milestones towards building a better world.

My passion comes directly from seeing my mom and dad struggle bringing their dreams to life. No one should spend most of their lives trying and believing just to have it not happen for them. I have made it my job to pick up both of their torches – Let the marathon continue

Our Story

Dreams… I feel like we all have them. Some small, some big, some literally out of this world. I come from a long line of big dreamers, so it’s only right that I had to go and pick something that was going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars to launch. An amusement park. And not just any amusement park, but one that operates 24/7 and you can live there. Talk about a city that never sleeps. NY step aside!!!

BUT… I knew in my heart I would never see that kind of money, so I filed it away in my “never gonna happen cabinet” and moved on. That was until I started to meet so many people who were just like me. Big dreams, no money, no resources. The difference was, their dreams only cost 50k and 100k, which is no small amount, but in comparison to mine it felt realistic and attainable.

I quickly grew a passion for wanting to help others with their dreams since mine were cancelled. This allowed me to live through others. Then one day I was playing THE BEST GAME EVER INVENTED – The Sims – (((Yeah I said it and this is not for debate))) and all I kept thinking was what if we could play real life inside of a game? What if I could make my dreams happen inside that real world inside that game? It was at that moment in 2008 I knew I was going to build a virtual world that would later be coined by the gaming and tech industry as a Metaverse. Fast forward to 2021 – Welcome to Hey ZRO!

Our Team
Expert. Experienced.

C-Suite Team

” Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

– Michael Jordan

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TJ Villanti


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kyle westaway


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dawn Dickson


Marketing Team

Richel Pagunsan

Digital Marketing Assistant, Philippines

Andi Syahrir Karsam

Graphic Designer, Indonesia

Ramel Paulk

Videographer, New York USA

Mikayla-Noel E. Cohen

Client Success Manager, USA

Eldina Ekef

Researcher and Blogger, Nigeria

Development team

Rick Williams

Project Manager, USA

Kevin Hoffmann

Lead Game Developer, Germany

Sven Buczinski

Game Developer, Germany

Sunmeet Singh

Web Developer, India

Balaji Team

3D Modeler, India

Fabian Grundmann

Game Developer, Germany

Carmen Lopez

3D Modeler, Spain