Covid-19: Birth of New Businesses

Written by: Eldina Ekef

Written by: Eldina Ekef

Have you ever taken time to deeply think of the words: “change is constant?” Well, if you have, good for you. If you haven’t, you might want to give it a thought, especially if you are a business owner.

Before the pandemic, life was smooth, businesses were booming, all was gay and pleasant. Now that the pandemic is here. It’s a whole new story, a nightmare in some regions.

As part of constant change, businesses have to either take new dimensions or an entirely new business is created. So, what new businesses has Covid-19 created? How can we make use of the opportunity the recent trend has created? We’ll see.

Business Opportunities Created by Covid-19

Business owners are often innovative, brave and overall risk-takers. Little wonder why the outbreak of the pandemic did not put some business down but gave them business ideas.

Here is a top 5 list of business ideas strengthened by the pandemic:

  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) products: E-commerce has been the light of this dark ” tunnel” business-wise. DIY products have been sold at an incredibly high rate, online stores such as Etsy have created a great avenue for the sale of hand-made mittens, handcrafted jewelry, home made beauty products and  lots more. Thins creates a means to earn from your passion or hobby.
  • Cleaning Companies: It’s no news that we have to observe total and probably extreme sanitary measures in these times. Cleaning services are highly sought, as offices want to ensure the safest environment for employees. Crystal Hughey, a co-owner of Corporate Cleaning Inc. has seen an increase in demand for their service ever since the pandemic.
  • Dispatch services: Staying indoors has been a key way to prevent the virus from spreading. Hence, the need for dispatch or delivery services, grocery, professional delivery companies have intensified efforts to deliver essential goods to home and offices.
  • Food stores and supermarkets: With great emphasis on social distancing, more families are eating at home and storing up groceries, so there is a high demand for food items. Food stores, marts, supermarkets have seen a huge hike in the request for groceries.
  • Online Tutoring: E-learning has proven to be a trusted way to keep kids on the education track. Online tutors have had an increase in demand for their services as concerned parents wouldn’t want their kids to fall behind on school work.

The list of business ideas borne by the pandemic is inexhaustible, other ideas include wine delivery services lawn and garden care services, health or telecare services.

Let’s have a look at specific brands and businesses that have been booming despite the pandemic.

Thriving Business Brands Due to Covid

Ever heard of the saying “one man’s meat is another poison?” Well, not that the pandemic is anyone’s meat, but for some business owners, it has led to unprecedented sales and customer base increase.

Some of these booming businesses are:

  • Netflix: This is my personal favorite, for those who aren’t concerned about the gym, staying fit and smart, sitting on the couch and binging on television is the best option. Netflix, a major media service has seen a subscriber surge recently, it’s perfect companion to a homebound populace.
  • Tone and Sculpt: Krissy Cela, a fitness entrepreneur, has seen an increase in downloads and subscriptions to her app-based workout guide – Tone and Sculpt. This enables persons to stay fit even from the comfort of their homes without having to buy expensive gym equipment.
  • Stitch and Story: Another pandemic induced booming business, has just 11 employees but is in high demand. Jenny Lam, the co-founder of the business, said they founded the business to motivate new generations to develop crocheting and knitting skills. With the onset of the pandemic Stitch & Story has seen over 800% increase in sales, as it is a means to take a break from working on screens all the time.

Finally, there are lots of thriving businesses, during these times. As a business owner, it would be a step in the right direction, if you could see a need, fill it and earn from it.

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