diy guitar kits for kids!

Space For Creative Minds

Our award-winning kits work By simplifying the neck on the “My Furr’s Guitar” we teach the notes of a major scale using 7 frets. When colors are associated with notes, it helps shift children’s focus, helping them develop their auditory sense first, transforming the learning experience from traditional guitars. Pairing shapes with colors for every note allows children to follow simple patterns and learn their favorite songs!

Our mission

We Create thousands of S.T.E.A.M. programs around our Paint Build Play model and introduce our product to early childhood development centers, community workshops, and schools.

We give kids the opportunity to paint and customize their own instruments. once assembled they can begin lessons. this introductory instrument exposes them to music in a non-traditional manner.

"We believe in teaching music through STEAM learning."
Brian Furr