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We are currently hiring for entry level positions! Please read descriptions below and make sure to select that option when you apply! Good luck


We need a proactive Operation Leader who is good with funding, campaigns, work flows and understands technology and digital marketing on the level of logic and common sense. Tasks may include:


This position is for a people person. Your bread and butter is built entirely on your ability to strategically analyze a client’s needs (job order), against a network of resources and in-house data. Therefore, using this data to build relationships and connect important dots. If you enjoy a challenge, this position can be extremely fulfilling. Tasks may include:

sales & marketing

We are looking to work with highly talented and resourceful  Sales professionals marketers who are able to research, identify, locate, reach out to new clients, and most importantly close deals. We are interested in creating a team that thrives on success. Tasks may include::


We are looking for people who are optimistic about the future and serious about making things better for everyone everywhere.


We are looking for people who think outside of the box and enjoy staying ahead of the curve and reinventing the wheel.


We are looking for an experienced YouTube marketing professional to optimize our channel. You should be able to demonstrate success improving search rankings, view counts and subscriber growth. Tasks may include:

Ui/UX - QA Testing

We are looking for an experienced quality assurance person to help test our platform.