The Future of work – What Next After Covid?

Written by: Eldina Ekef

Written by: Eldina Ekef

“Please observe social distancing”, Wash your hands frequently”, Always wear a nose mask”. With the onset of the pandemic, these practices have become part of our lives. Not just dampening social life and freedom but also commercial trends and business growth.

Works trends and cultures have seen a complete change. Airline businesses, hotels, restaurants, transportation and tourism industries that benefit from business travel have had to either operate with a limited number of customers or cease operation entirely.

There has been a huge spike in virtual meetings and conferences. The use of e-commerce platforms and automation for both domestic and commercial purchases and transactions increases stealthily.

Are these trends sustainable? What is the future of work moving forward? What should you expect? How do you settle into the new post-Covid-19 era?

Are e-trends sustainable?

Firstly, surveys have shown that most companies are already adopting definite remote or telecommuting work models, that is to say, “remote is the new location”. In another survey, 70% of employees already include being able to work from home as a major standard in selecting their next job. Talk about swift adaptation!

Secondly, with the pursuit of urban greening, environmental conservation and sustainable practices, working from home favors these goals and creates a much easier lifestyle moving forward. Win-Win situation, yes?

Lastly, preventive measures such as social distancing and avoiding crowded areas have led to a spike in e-commerce. How did you feel the last time you had your electronic gadgets delivered to your porch? or that time when you made a transaction from the comfort of your home and paid from your e-wallet? Stress-free? Yes?

Online businesses, be it B2B or B2C forms of e-commerce are here to stay, innovations and supporting technology, but what is the human dimension of the works anticipated to be like?

Creating Human Appeal in the New Workplace

The need and pattern for re-structuring post Covid cannot be overemphasized.

Here are 3 ways to restructure the human dimension work:

  • Upskill and Re-skill: With an immense spike in remote job opportunities, a skill “revamp” is a huge human restructure. An in-depth emotional and social upskill or a re-skill in tech, such as interacting with technology effectively, programming or design are indispensable to the success of the essential workflows and productivity. An upskill in these time is gold!
  • Humanization of employees: Prioritize people first as people, then as employees. People never forget how you make them feel, despite the use of video conferencing and e-meetings, make deliberate choices to create team culture and inclusiveness among remote task workers.
  • Adapt the workplace: Expanding the work environment can be quite demanding, consolidating the “ecology” of physical and virtual workplaces is key to meeting expectations, unlocking aspirations and creating explosive outcomes that were thought to be impossible.

Can you make use of these advantages to the benefit of your business?

The Future of Work

Efficiency is the watchword in every organization or business. The “work from home” trend is here to stay, as the numbers mentioned earlier have shown.

E-commerce is an efficient way to put your brand out there, it cuts across the general use of social media or platforms to advertise. Think about, a client making an order fir a product and getting it delivered to her in minutes while still in bed, a stress-free transaction yes?

What about creating an immersive personalized buyer experience for your clients, think VR-showrooms, AR business meetings, fast easy decentralized financial transactions, all from the comfort of your home.

Finally, trends come and go, but the future of work is remote and it is here to stay. Think efficiency! Think better-skilled employees!

The question is: Are you preparing your brand for the future?

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